Monday, March 15, 2010

Tea Party Movement Should Not Field Candidates in Elections

Tea Party: Good as a Movement, Bad as a Political Party

The 'Tea Party' movement is a good thing as long as it doesn't attempt to become its own party, which would ensure the democrats a number of House and Senate seats they would otherwise not have.

How could this be? Well, think about it. The mere presence of a 'Tea Party Candidate' on a ballot would do little other than siphon votes away from the Republican candidate.

Let's face it, that 3-10% of votes that candidate would receive in an election such as Nevada's Senate race are all going to come from voters who would otherwise vote Republican. Few if any would otherwise vote for the Democrat in the race. That means that the presence of a 'Tea Party Candidate' would serve to advance the Democrats' stronghold on power.

While I do not disagree that the Republican Party is in need of some reform, and that the RINO's need be shown the door, the GOP is still a far better alternative than a Democrat winning a given House or Senate seat.

Teaching the Republicans 'a lesson they'll never forget' by supporting a Tea Party Candidate is not worth the consequence - failure for the GOP to seize on or both Houses of Congress as a check on President Obama's power.

If the Tea Party really wants to make an impact, it will attempt to revive the 'Green Party' and encourage it to field candidates in major House and Senate races, and especially the 2012 Presidential contest. Now that might actually help serve to advance the actual agenda behind the Tea Party movement.

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