Monday, January 25, 2010

An Open Letter to Republicans in Congress (House and Senate)

This post originated as a response to a post I came across by Joe Barton, Republican Congressman from Texas.

Congressman Barton had submitted a story from the Wall Street Journal about the validity of climate science.

Rep. Barton's commentary goes as follows: "We need to continue looking into the validity of the science before changing our entire economy. There are just too many embellished claims."

First, I would like to make unequivocally clear that I am in agreement with the Congressman for the most part. Where I take exception is not with the premise or point of his argument. My issue is that I don't think Congressman Barton's comments go far enough.

By calling for additional reviews of some of the scientific data, one is implicitly suggesting that the global hubbub over the nonexistent phenomena often referred to as "climate change" may in fact hold some validity. To do this is to give the propagandists driving the campaign far more credit than they deserve. The people promoting "climate change" hysteria are the same people who just a few years back were telling us that by 2010 we'd all be dead from "global warming". Well, the coldest decade on record seems to have put a nail in the coffin of "global warming", but the environmental alarmists are still pushing full-speed ahead.

The remainder of this post is addressed to the Congressman, and not just Congressman Joe Barton, but every other Congressman and Senator who believes in freedom, national sovereignty and an educated populace. While the rest of this post reads as though Rep. Barton is the only person being addressed, that is because I initially wrote the piece in response to his commentary about the WSJ story. That said, he is certainly not the only member of Congress to whom this message is intended. The following is intended for every Republican federal office-holder as well as any democrats that actually have the nation's best interests at heart (assuming there's at least one), as well as anyone else in the American government that cares about our nation's best interests.

Without further adieu, here is my response:

You Congressman know as well as I do that this "climate change" (formerly known as "global warming") is being thrust upon us for two reasons. The first and most obvious is the financial motives of those pushing for alternative energy sources (in which the propagandists are heavily invested, as you well know).

The second reason is a bit more nefarious than simple corrupt profiteering. The second reason, as you well know, is the establishment of a "global tax" as a means of setting the precedent for the abolition of national sovereignty.

You know this. Please do not insult my intelligence by pretending to be naive to the globalist agenda. You know it exists. Don't you understand that those of us who still love America and still value freedom and liberty above all else want people like you to call a spade a spade without beating around the bush or pretending to play dumb.

We know, and we know that you know. The difference is that you can hold a press conference any time you wish, you can have a column published in any newspaper, and most importantly you can use the "taboo words" on the House floor, creating a permanent public record that at least one legislator possesses enough strength of character to say what many of us already know while in session.

We WANT people like you to call out the enemy for what it is, for what they are. We elect people like you to be our voice in Washington. Unfortunately, we are all too often disappointed by the absence of backbone and courage in those we elect to serve us in our nation's capitol.

The Republic is under assault from within. The American Government's current ruling regime (including its rabid leaders in the House and Senate) poses every bit as grave a threat to this country as does Al Qaeda. At least our military can can go and kill those terrorist groups that wish to kill us.

To me Congressman, an elected official (in this case a Senator) who has a disdain for Americans' right to own and carry guns and would vote against confirming a Supreme Court nominee because that person believes in the Constitutional rule of law, is as dangerous as Al Qaeda, perhaps moreso.

Well, that is not a viable option for dealing with Nancy Pelosi (who is either a treasonous traitor or a 'useful idiot', as the Soviets like to refer to them as. Those of us who would prefer not to live in the New Soviet Union would like to see some people like you actually call them out for what they are, and expose them for the traitors and scoundrels they really are. If one of your colleagues says or does anything that borders on treason, for the love of God, please call them out and don't let it slide or look the other way!

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